It is necessary for every business to close sales in order to make a profit that would permit it an opportunity to survive in the market. With the advanced digital technologies available, business owners and marketers have an easier time in this era with a well-designed website that is responsive to the changing market trends and consumer demands. However, there is a need to seize the business opportunity when it arises in order to stay ahead of the competition in the market.


One of the crucial and highly effective marketing approaches in businesses today is to direct every website visitor from where they are currently to where the business owner or marketer wants them to be when perusing the website. This is where the call-to-action strategy sets in.

The Call-to-Action feature is easy to implement for an effective marketing strategy to succeed. The web visitor is compelled to click on the link displayed via a button or image to experience a richer online environment that provides greater consumer satisfaction. This is part of the search engine optimization technique known as the conversion funnel.

If there was no Call-to-Action feature on every web page, the web visitor is likely to leave the website without considering other pages which may contain relevant and useful information that was being sought after. The web visitor does not have the proper guidance in the direction of their search and hence, would probably check out other websites to miss the boat.

It is often that quality and useful contents could be just round the corner with the proper guidance provided at the website that would close the deal, but the web visitor was not directed to that piece of information. Hence, the business could lose this potential business lead or customer to its competitor.

The Call-to-Action feature offers web visitors further enlightenment about the product or brand with more relevant information passed on regularly. One web page may be insufficient to display all the relevant and important information about the product or service which the web user may be seeking. Such information could be placed elsewhere in the website which should be made known to the web visitor.

A good example of how a Call-to-Action feature could be effective is the proper direction of the web visitor to the related videos of the products or services promoted or sought after. This could be very compelling to potential customers seeking such products or services. A well-designed demo video could enhance the business prospect in understanding the features of the product or appreciate the value of the service promoted by the brand or company.

Essence of Call-to-Action

Business owners and marketers need to understand the dynamics of a Call-to-Action feature to reap its full benefits. This is a crucial step for all business owners and marketers as it serves to draw the potential business lead or customer closer to the brand and company.

A Call-to-Action feature could lead the customer on to make an immediate online purchase or make a direct contact with the business owner or marketer on the preferred product or service sought after. Such customers could be convinced of the product or service to book an appointment or place an order online. However, it could also lead them to sign up on the business mailing list for the latest business or product information available in the business newsletter.

There is a stronger connection with the potential business lead or customer as there are more opportunities to connect with the business prospects to build strong customer relations. The business owner or marketer could establish trust and confidence in the customer regarding the product or brand. More business opportunities are created to understand the potential business lead better in order to provide more relevant products which customers would buy.

A lot of relevant information could be procured using the Call-to-Action feature between the business owner and the web visitor. The latter could become fans or social followers who could be converted into regular and loyal customers of the brand or company.

Using Call-to-Action Effectively

Business owners and marketers need to know the right words or language to be effective on calls to action on their website. Certain words such as “buy”, “register”, “subscribe” and “contact” are critical words to be used in call-to-action features for an effective response from the potential business lead.

Another way to manipulate Call-to-Actions is through cross-selling. This happens when there is a correlation between the product or service promoted; the Call-to-Action feature could be implemented to offer more exciting options that would lure potential business leads to the business shores for further considerations. This happens in many e-Commerce applications that have related products or services which may benefit the buyer.

CTA Key Elements

There are several key elements of a call-to-action feature when implemented aptly on the website. It stands out easily to allow a clear view of what is available and offered. Call-to-Actions are able to convey the content values accurately for the potential buyer to make a correct action such as an order or purchase.


Moreover, call-to-actions are highly effective in convincing the web user to take the preferred action suggested by the business owner or marketer with a simple click of the mouse. A lot of benefits or advantages are available to web users who take action according to the Call-to-Action option.


Google watches carefully over every website, its search algorithm checks out on SEO and enhanced user experience on the web. With the Call-to-Action feature incorporated at the webpage, search engines are bound to accord higher page rankings to the website which would entice more web traffic.


Businesses that desire more conversions from their web traffic at their website should consider Call-to-Action option for greater effectiveness in their marketing endeavors.  With Call-to-Action features on every web page, the potential business lead would not be lost to competitors so easily. There would be a stronger chance of winning them over to the brand or company as the right course of action is prompted to be taken.