Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a highly crucial feature to the success of digital marketing. However, it is necessary for modern business owners and marketers to understand some essential facts about SEO to benefit their brand building and market presence for the company.

These are important SEO facts which can bring the brand up above the intense competition when implemented aptly in a well-planned online marketing strategy and campaign. A more dynamic marketing strategy could be developed to beat the market competition while establishing a strong influence in the market easily.

Fact 1 – Clicking on Top 5 Search Results

Market research on SEO and optimized websites reveal that 75% of web users tend to click on the top 5 links in the SERP list of search engines. This would mean that about one-third of web users are likely to click on the first or topmost listed result with 18% clicking on the second link listed in the search result listing.

Such statistics very clearly show a simple fact about search engines’ SERP listing; the higher the ranking of the website in the search engines’ search result listing, the more web visitors would be generated to visit the site. Web users tend to click on the top 5 search results as recommended by the search as it is assumed that the most relevant solutions would be higher ranked than the least related options.

Fact 2 – Staying on Page 1

With so many thousands of websites eager to get into the top positions of the search engines’ SERP listings, it is not surprising that only the best wins. There are only a limited number of positions for a website to vie after even on the first page in order to capture the attention of targeted audiences.

Researches further reveal that not many web users would scroll on to page 2 of the SERP listing for more options. Most solutions could be procured from page 1 especially with the topmost options listed. Barely 20% of web users would perhaps scroll down page 1 for possible solutions if the topmost links may not be deemed satisfactory. Hence, websites that are ranked on page 2 of the SERP listing may not receive the desired web traffic the business wants. This would require the digital marketer or business owner to reconsider their marketing and SEO strategies to boost their site’s ranking by top search engines.

Fact 3 – Mobile Friendly Keywords Inclusion

As mobile technology becomes more influential in today’s progressive technologies, it is expected that websites need to be mobile friendly or mobile compliant. This is supported by the fact that about half of web users today use a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to activate their online searches.

The greater convenience and faster speed with mobile devices have prompted website owners, especially business owners and marketers to ensure a mobile friendly or mobile compatible website or blog. These mobile web users use various keywords in their online searches which would be recorded by top search engines as part of the SEO features for online marketing success.

With over 80% of searches today initiated on mobile devices, the right keywords should be adopted to ensure a successful search to engage targeted potential business leads.

Fact 4 – Local Businesses via Mobile SEO

Modern web users tend to search out local business first via mobile devices to find what they want. As the number of mobile devices increases, businesses need to plan their keywords in their websites to ensure fast searches as mobile searches increase in the market.

Fact 5 – More Web Pages for More Traffic

If a website has more web pages to offer, it would contain more information which could attract more traffic to its shores. Hence, it is pertinent for a website to keep updating its pages with relevant and useful contents that would attract targeted web consumers who could be converted to potential business customers.

A website with more pages would offer more contents that could help the web user find what is desired quickly. The web user need not check out other websites if one website offers all the necessary information required.

Fact 6 – Longer Word Search Queries

Short keywords are known to be helpful in fast searches, but they are a challenge to have the website ranked highly as short keywords can be highly competitive. This means that marketers should focus on longer keywords to enjoy higher rankings by search engines and draw in the desired web traffic to their sites.

Careful planning and deliberation on the choice of keywords is necessary for the best of long keywords to ensure fast and successful searches by targeted audiences.

Fact 7 – Organic Search Traffic

A lot can be said of social media, which is popular in generating high web traffic to the business site for a marketer. However, the preference is on organic searches that would generate organic traffic as such accounts for almost half the total search in the market. This comes up to about 3 times the traffic generated by social media searches.

Marketers and business owners should not be hasty in switching over to social media platforms fully in generating higher volumes of traffic which may not constitute the preferred traffic that would boost the business operations or image.

Fact 8 – Good Quality Content

Popular search engines like Google are constantly looking out for rich and substantial contents that would impress web users. Such contents must be useful and relevant to the web users seeking solutions and answers on the web. Many web users trust the recommendation of search engines in their SERP listing where more clicks are executed on the links positioned on the first page of the search results.

If the contents are of high quality, they are deemed to be of great substance that would capture the attention of search engines like Google. The presence of relevant SEO features would boost the page ranking of the site by the search engine to bring in more web visitors to the web business site.