Every business hopes to get not just any investor, but an Angel investor to keep its operations on the go; this would mean, sufficient funds available to ensure the right business plans to be implemented with the opportunities at hand. This is also where venture capitalists go on a crazy hunt for potential business start-ups indulging in cutting edge of technology even though there may be certain risks along this path.

Advancements trends via progressive technologies are having many eager investors ready to dump in their dollars in these technologies for a definite return in the near future. If an angel investor is secured, these tech trends would be extremely useful in boosting any business startup.

Trend 1 – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence may have been in the market for many decades, but it will certainly make new waves in 2018 where companies will be able to do more with less. Business startups that integrate AI in their planning and operations would certainly experience a shift in their routine processes and tasks with more time to service their customers better.

This is where Angel investors would experience a win-win situation with their proactive investment in an advancing technology and a business indulging in its use. The business startup with AI integration is likely to succeed in the market with more funding interest presenting itself in 2018.

Trend 2 – Social Media

Social media is likely to enhance the consumer market as investors seek after business startups that are indulgent in proactive customer engagement. Social media is known to be a dynamic marketing platform in digital technology marketing to boost sales and profits.

It is not surprising that social media is known to be dynamic in linking the markets for the recognition which business startups desire to get going. Venture capitalists are also familiar with the dynamics of social media as a powerful online marketing platform which business startups can manipulate.

The use of social media in 2018 to boost business is becoming prominent with funds from investors who recognize the strengths of this platform to attract the desired consumers.

Trend 3 – Blockchain

Another new technology, making waves in 2018 is Blockchain where it provides real-time transaction ledgers that would enable a business startup to enjoy greater transparency. This would attract the right venture capitalists to invest in the company for further expansion.

A business startup can benefit from Blockchain with its ability to stabilize operations to be error free. An angel investor would gain when investing in a proven technology that is taking the market by storm. More funds are expected from serious investors when business startups implement Blockchain to its optimal scope of their operations.

Trend 4 – Internet of Things

The IoT or Internet of Things is steadily progressing on the market for 2018. As more and more consumers become more connected, IoT offers new products and services to rise up in the market easily and quickly. IoT dynamics are readily seen in the home or business as angel investors are drawn to this technology which impacts their interaction and lifestyle.

Businesses implementing IoT are likely to move forward with greater business opportunities in engaging with consumers that would improve business operations and bottom lines. It is highly plausible for IoT to entice venture capitalists in securing apt business funding in 2018.

Trend 5 – Big Data

As more and more data floods the market today, there is a need for business startups to understand and use big data to their advantage. Big data offers greater insights into the market with lots of detail that would identify target audiences to generate the best of products and services which consumers want.

Big data is definitely changing the way business startups work, especially their approach in engaging with customers whilst providing the best of customer experiences. This is a new marketing approach which would attract angel investors quickly.

Big data open many doors of business possibilities which many companies are envious of.  The use of big data could serve to enhance business startup operations, which would attract venture capitalists.

Trend 6 – Cyber Security

2017 may have been a year of fretful online security breaches, but 2018 holds many business opportunities for business startups in the proper integration of features to boost better cyber security services. This would work to protect customer data even better for more engagements.

Cyber security would offer new ways for all companies to operate confidently with a higher level of security required to protect confidential information. This includes online scams and frauds by malicious hackers and thefts wanting to benefit from such data.

Business startups which implement high cyber security serve to protect their operations and existence in the market with a greater survival rate besides ensuring better products created or services rendered. This would attract angel investors to their shores as higher data protocol increases in demand.

Trend 7 – Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is expected to emerge strongly in the market this year as this technology offers companies a chance to engage with customers dynamically and excitingly. Customers would be able to enjoy a more vibrant online experience through VR where sales and customer databases spike easily.

VR is said to improve the business workflow and accessibility to customers targeted. Angel investors would view the advantage of AR implemented in a company as part of their investment portfolio to attract the target audience that embraces such new technology.


These are many exciting new tech trends which a business startup would need to consider. When a business startup integrates one of these vibrant technologies, it is a strong reflection of its market position and direction which would prompt angel investors and customers to its shores. This leads on to bigger customer base and higher profits for the year.

Angel investors are all for these new technologies where business growth is certain. The required and desired funding is possible with the proper implementation of these technologies in upcoming market trends. This would ensure a greater chance of success in any business startup