Every business is set up to succeed with a greater hold on the market. It takes great efforts to attract the right consumers who are deemed to be potential business leads that would support the business brand for its survival. However, lots of dynamic marketing strategies must be implemented properly to draw in the targeted audience to boost a brand image and business bottom lines.

Not Rocket Science but Still a Challenge

Being profitable is very much a challenge even to veteran business owners and marketers especially with solo ads. Many business owners and marketers are still contemplating the dynamics of solo ads in their marketing endeavors. Yet, many have succeeded through an in-depth understanding of solo ads to reap great returns on their marketing efforts.

There are many kinds of emails received in the inbox every day, which contain solo ads that are displayed right in front of the recipient. It could be an advert offering a solution for the business, home or lifestyle that could interest the recipient. These solo ads help to drive more traffic containing potential business leads to the websites where marketers gain an opportunity to introduce the business and make a sale.

Solo ads must be implemented properly to ensure that the right crowd is targeted to come by the business website for further information that would lead to close a deal. That is the main attraction of solo ads which must be attractive enough to compel targeted audiences to spend money on a business.

1) Ads Containing Solutions

Most ads on the web are unappealing as the setup is unattractive. Solo ads are targeted at specific audiences that have been identified by the brand in need of the product or service rendered. Hence, good solo ads should be developed in such a manner, offering solutions to perceived problems faced by consumers. However, marketers tend to focus on the outward appearance of the ads without relevant substance to capture the attention of targeted customers.

Many online ads are developed for the sake of appearance where marketers could make their sales pitch with their intended products and services, but this may not necessarily compel viewers to click on the ad for further details. A cool logo or attractive product may not suffice to captivate the attention of the viewer to compel a click through for more details or actions to be taken.

Good solo ads that offer relevant solutions to an existing problem would draw more clicks. Sales happen when viewers click on the ad that claims to solve the problem faced by the reader.

2) Include an Irresistible Offer

An attractive solo ad must be able to sell itself before it can sell the brand or business offers. This includes strategic marketing implementation such as setting a deadline on clicking the ad; inform viewers of an irresistible offer for clicking on the advert. The listed conditions are likely to prompt viewers into taking actions that benefits the business.

3) Wise Use of Ezines 

Ezines prove to be a highly popular online platform for effective marketing. Ads placed on the Ezine platform are frequently read, especially if the message is correctly tailored to the targeted niche market. Many businesses decide on placing their ads on Ezines to draw their target customers. These ads must feature convincing contents that will impress the audience.

Relevant ad pictures must be cleverly chosen to help draw in targeted consumers that are potential business leads to boost the brand or business. Marketers who understand the dynamics of the Ezines platform and solo ads’ effectiveness stand to draw more target audiences this way. However, there are different Ezine rates depending on different terms and conditions pertaining to the solo ads.

Marketers also need to identify the appropriateness of their preferred publisher’s email list that would impact the effect of solo ads on the Ezine platform. The ads must be sent out regularly to reach targeted consumers depending on the size of the Ezine market.

Many factors persist in ensuring the success of solo ads on Ezine whose readers may be responsive in smaller markets but not in larger markets. The benefits and costs of implementing one over the other must be carefully weighed.

4) Conversational Style Writing

A conversational writing style for a solo ad is more attractive as an advertising piece as such writings make it easy for viewers to read as though they are having a conversation with their friend or loyal customer. Such writing style helps to relax the reader who would be more comfortable in reading the ad piece without realizing that it is an advert.

A friendly, conversational piece would contain useful information without making it feel like a sales pitch. Statistics reveal that solo ads are more effective when written in the third person as this resonates more with readers.

5) Monitoring The Number of Clicks

When a potential business lead clicks on the ad, they should be directed to the appropriate landing or squeeze page where their relevant contact information is gathered.  This increase your subscriber numbers and marketers should work on building a strong relationship with each potential business lead.

There should also be a good tracking system to monitor the number of clicks from the solo advert. Besides, the style of writing, the right language adopted, would boost the number of clicks a solo ad could bring on. Such monitoring actions help to increase or optimize how many clicks the solo ad could generate.

6) Don’t Fix if Not Broken

If the marketer found some fantastic marketing strategy that works with solo ads, this should be applied consistently instead of changing strategies every now and then. It is hard to identify the best marketing strategy when it comes to solo ads and a lot of time can be wasted with the trial-and-error approach.

A great ad format should be applied consistently if it brings in the desired results. It is not necessary to keep changing the marketing strategy to check or compare its effectiveness especially when the competition is stiff.

6 ways to make an attractive solo ad that pulls the customers

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