It is without a doubt that videos are taking the world by storm to cause great changes to the market. More and more businesses are venturing into video marketing with ample skills and resources to develop their own business or brand videos that would give them more mileage in advertising and sales. This would generate higher profits and bigger bottom lines for the company.

Video marketing may seem to be a newbie in the online marketing arena today, but the technology is fast gaining momentum to secure a wider interested group of consumers for every business or industry.

Best Video Marketing Practices

There are very few and easy steps to ensure a dynamic video marketing endeavor in promoting a business. It is a truly worthwhile marketing indulgence which every business should venture into today to capture the desired niche markets.

1) Think and Plan First Before Recording

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”; this is very true in business as the market becomes saturated with aspiring entrepreneurs in all ventures. Hence, with the massive flood of choices in the market for consumers, it is just impossible to just “make do” or “wing it”.

Even a charismatic celebrity or experienced presenter may not be able to convey the business or brand message correctly or convincingly if there is no proper planning of the contents and presentation order. Many video presenters or facilitators may think that they have enough experience to present the business message during a live record but they actually do not have sufficient brand information or business acumen about the products or services offered. Such presentations may harm the brand and business if the video is released in the market.

It is possible to develop ‘stage fright’ even for the most experienced or charismatic speaker for one reason or another with a loss for words. This may cause the message to be transmitted to customers inaccurately or ambiguously without proper planning.

A well-planned video script is highly recommended to help the presenter know what the main focus of the video is about for the company and brand. This would help the presenter remained focused on the most essential and important points to convey without dragging the video on and on. No viewer would want to waste time watching half the contents that are of no or little relevance to the solution they desired. There would also not be enough time to promote the products or services which are profit generators for the company.

Good video contents need to be properly thought out with a clear-cut business message that must be conveyed to targeted viewers. The scriptwriters must be able to capture the essence of the business message with an in-depth knowledge of the company, brand and its offerings.

2) Hook ’em Fast

Great headlines are attention grabbers on the market for the right action or response to happen. This is highly important for a video to have a strong impact on targeted viewers to enjoy the desired responses and business outcomes. Hence, a video with an interesting or captivating title would tend to draw more attention and interest from viewers which could be potential business leads for the brand and company.

Another attention grabber for videos would be the opening hooks where the introduction holds the key to converting the viewer into buyers at the end of the session. If viewers are already bored or disinterested with the slap-stick comedy lines at the introduction, they would switch off or turn to another video quickly.

The video presenter normally has only 10 seconds to captivate the viewer’s attention. This would require a stimulating quote, thought-provoking question or a heartwarming greeting. The opening liner must stimulate curiosity and interest to cause viewers to stay glued to the video for the business message to be conveyed aptly.

3) Share Solutions

It is bad marketing skills where only hardcore selling is heard and felt throughout the video. Modern consumers are highly discerning to note the sincerity of the presenter on the brand or business offerings in a video. Hard selling may come across as coercion to viewers who can easily switch off the video at any time when they feel pushed into a corner to buy.

The best video marketing approach is to share the solution with an important value which viewers may desire or require. This could be something educational, entertaining or inspiration which would open the viewer’s mind and heart to embrace what is being conveyed from the video.

Good solutions offered in a video would have viewers sit up for more of what could be offered.

4) Sell Stories

Stories are always interesting when told in a unique way. A fact could be woven into an exciting story which no one can resist; everyone wants to listen to a good story to be entertained while others want to share the joy of the storyteller.

A good video in a dynamic marketing approach requires a strong and interesting storyline with the relevant business points highlighted clearly but not forcefully presented or emphasized. A day-to-day story would help viewers relate to the presenter easily to get engaged emotionally in supporting the brand and company.

5) Call to Action

Always activate the call-to-action option in a video as viewers should take responsibility for what they have viewed and heard. A good video would trigger many thoughts and emotions in the viewer which favorable actions could be activated at the end of the video. This is the bottom line of the business video in video marketing.

The viewer must be directed to ponder the next course of action after viewing the video; this could be an immediate purchase, subscribe to the business mailing list or become a fan of the brand.

6) SEO Optimize

Videos also need to be optimized for better searches by top search engines like Google. This would require the use of apt keywords in the video title, description, and tags to enjoy better page rankings.