2018 is here! Businesses must consider adopting new marketing ways and strategies that would greatly benefit their marketing efforts and campaign to meet business goals and objectives quickly. There is a strong need to market products or services effectively and efficiently to enjoy the best of business outcomes.

This may involve deploying the best of search engine optimization (SEO) features to catch the attention of search engines like Google for better rankings. Market studies reveal a growing number of online sites with billions of online searches executed each month.

The right deployment of SEO could boost traffic volume to the site with higher conversion and sales for the company. Businesses should employ certain SEO tips that would put them in more favorable positions in the market to excel in 2018.

1) Better Social Content

Content is known to play a critical role in the success of online marketing today with the progressive advancements in digital technology. The emergence of social media networks with the growing number of users boosts the demand for real-time information from all sources.

It is thus not surprising to have a higher demand for content which could easily be accessed from major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. More and more marketers are jumping onto these social media platforms to seek after their target audiences through the posting of relevant and interesting contents.

This approach also boosts SEO which leads to better rankings for websites. Original contents are always in demand, especially if there is a high degree of relevancy and usefulness to seeking readers.

2) Higher Demand for Videos

In this progressive digital era, online videos are likely to attract more target consumers who are favorable towards visual presentations. Videos which are well produced to be informative as well as entertaining are making a strong impact on viewers who become more engaged and responsive towards the brand or company.

It is easily noted that videos attract potential business leads to the business shores readily besides boosting search engine rankings. Market research reveals a high percentage of Google searches on videos. This motivates many business owners and marketers to include videos in their marketing plans and campaigns. Modern consumers who are frequent online users are constantly seeking new information presented attractively in the form of videos which convey the marketing message more effectively to impact their purchasing decisions.

Hence, business owners and marketers who deploy promo videos as part of their marketing strategy tend to enjoy higher business outcomes at the end of the day. The site ranking could be boosted as much as 50% if good videos are produced and posted regularly.

One of the more dynamic channels for posting promo videos is undoubtedly YouTube, which enjoys millions of users plying its platform daily. Companies would have a field day attracting their targeted crowds to their shores with well-produced videos promoting their brand and wares.

3) Mobile Optimization

This decade is highly focused on mobile technology, which brought forth a myriad of sophisticated mobile devices and apps. It is essential today to have the business website mobile friendly or mobile optimized. This is due to the growing number of mobile users getting online via their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

As global consumers become the target of expanding businesses, it is critical for these companies to have the right devices and apps to connect with their preferred consumers and business leads. Today, the rapid emergence of highly sophisticated digital devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets allows more and more consumers to get on the web readily from anywhere at any time.

Successful businesses need to ensure that their website is mobile optimized to encourage more potential business leads to visit and make orders. Many mobile users are currently embracing mobile technology to enjoy the myriad of mobile apps available in searching the web. The cell phone has proved to be a handy device which is light and highly portable in securing preferred information quickly and conveniently.

4) Voice Search

The growing prominence of voice technology encourages more people to manipulate voice searches, especially if their hands are full such as when they are driving or on the go. This is a very innovative search approach for mobile phone users who need not key in words for a search query.

Modern technology ensures that every phone is equipped with a voice search function which enables the user to activate the voice search conveniently. Businesses need to be alert to this astounding feature in their marketing endeavors to have their contents developed for voice searching via relevant voice search commands.

5) Content Aggregation

More and more online contents through Google searches are known to be in the form of images and videos in providing the latest real-time news and information. More and more consumers are searching online through reliable sources offering rich information on their preferred topic or subject.

Hence, all businesses must be aware of the need to adapt their marketing technique in considering content aggregation where their contents would be properly displayed and shared in a consolidated and organized manner. When good contents are collated in a structured order, the message is clearly delivered to trigger better responses by the user. Such contents would be more appealing to the target markets for the business to enjoy better outcomes as users would find it more convenient in their searches.


These simple SEO tips would go a long way for the business that is wise in their implementation over the long run. These tips allow businesses to appeal to larger target audiences for this year if the importance of social media is well understood and capitalized in dynamic marketing plans.

Videos should be included in business contents with proper SEO techniques that would draw the attention of top search engines to secure higher page rankings. This, in turn, would lead to a stronger market influence for the brand or company.

It is crucial for businesses to consider the relevant updates from Google, which would tip the balance in their favor.