A blog is known to be a dynamic online marketing tool in this 21st century where millions of web users are searching for the best news and latest updates on every facet of life. Many entrepreneurs today are deploying blogs as a form of business to generate revenue. However, certain skills and tools must be readily applied to cause growth and expansion in order for the blog to thrive in a competitive market.

From Set-up to Success

If a blog is to be worked on as a business, it must be properly set up with the right resources that would provide the essence for survival. Every form of business must be aptly set up to thrive in the marketplace. It must be nurtured and pruned for growth without being stagnated at any phase.

Similarly, a blog is not developed to produce a couple of great articles to appeal to targeted audiences for a short season only. It is likely to fizzle out in the competitive market where many blogs emerge daily. Success comes only through consistent provisions of exciting and relevant contents which web readers seek after.

It is important to increase the size of fans and followers for a blog in order for it to survive in the marketplace. It need not become a multi-national company, but with an increasing subscriber list, the blog can sustain its presence in the market. It can be used to build the business brand or grow an email marketing list for more revenue.

Identify Target Audience

Every business requires a specific niche market or target audience that is not too narrow or too broad. There must be enough potential business leads to sustain the business in the market through a constant or regular purchase from these leads.

The blogger must write interesting articles or content that would captivate targeted audiences. This would make it easier for the blogger to write content which would be easily accepted and read. This would also increase the market presence of the blogger and brand through the proper content developed and published.

For the Paying Market

A thorough market research is required to discover and confirm the preferred customers for the brand and company in mind. It is important to be focused on a specific niche market where potential business leads are generated to ensure sales and profits for the business owner or marketer.

It is crucial to identify and differentiate those who are business prospects and curious onlookers. A blog that wants to be continually thriving in the marketplace must be able to sustain itself through sufficient revenue coming from sales or ads. Hence, bloggers who are in it for the money must seek out fans and followers who are ready to become brand ambassadors and patrons.

High-Quality Content Meeting Needs

The primary attraction to increase blog fans and followers are high-quality content which is interesting and useful to blog readers. Blog content must contain information that would appeal to the needs of readers in resolving issues or problems besides giving out a ‘good’ reading experience.

High-quality content must also relate to the targeted niche in order to win over more fans and followers. A properly identified target audience is very useful when writing blog content as the blogger is focused on potential solutions to resolve issues faced by the targeted readers.

An identified audience would be able to relate to the blog content and connect with the blogger or brand as they incline towards the suggested solutions offered by the brand or company. A blog’s fans base will grow as readers resolve their issues from solutions found within the blog content. This would even prompt them to sign up for the emailing list.

Have a Call to Action

With good blog content as the building framework for more fans and followers, there must be a specific tactic that can turn blog readers into strong supporters of the blog. This would boost the number of brand subscribers and sales quickly. One can use a call-to-action (CTA) to meet this goal.

Examples of good CTA in brand building would be “Please Like, Comment or Share”. Other good CTA such as “Click here to learn more” is also good to boost web traffic. Subscriber listing can be increased with CTA instruction such as “Click here for free report” while product sales can be boosted with “Click here for more info on effective solutions.”

The right CTA instruction helps blog readers make the right decision that will benefit the bottom line of the brand and company.

Manipulate Social Media

Social media is a very powerful online marketing platform which bloggers should use to increase their scope of fans and followers as there are millions of web users using these networks daily. Bloggers would usually have a field day picking out their preferred fans and followers on social media networks. Potential blog fans and followers could then be motivated to follow the business brand or company products and services.

If good contents are aptly and regularly posted on favorite social media sites, this would draw more readers to the blog site and business brand. The business site would also benefit with more curious or interested potential customers checking out their website.

Blog audience will also be delighted with the latest information presented on these social media sites and they will keep coming back for more. Each social media site may promote certain features that make their content unique and appealing to the right target audience.

Facebook encourages memes and videos while Pinterest and Instagram promotes images. Businesses could also connect with each other or seek out potential business investors through LinkedIn, which is a business-to-business (B2B) network.


A blog should be a useful tool in marketing any brand or business by increasing its fan base where blog fans and followers could later be converted into prospective business customers.

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