Marketers are constantly looking out for new ideas and innovative marketing strategies to stay ahead of their competitors to be noted as market leaders in their market niches. There is no need to look very far today as this is the progressive era of innovative technologies such as mobile technology which spurs on mobile marketing.

Huge marketing opportunities arise for marketers to acquire greater returns in their online marketing endeavors using the latest digital technologies and marketing strategies. The wide spread of innovative and sophisticated cell phones allow marketers to reach their targeted audiences in real time on a wider and more personal level. This is unlike other market engagements in other types of communication channels.

Market Dynamics of Mobile Marketing

Recent market statistics reveal that almost all customers carry a mobile device such as mobile phone, laptop and tablet. Three-quarters of these customers use their mobile devices to access the Internet. Mobile devices have become the most viable option to get online; hence, marketers must adjust to this new technology in order to secure their desired customers and potential business leads.

The rising impact of mobile devices helps to boost the business potential for every brand and company in capturing and engaging their target audiences. Companies today are taking full advantage of mobile devices in their online marketing strategies to get ahead of their competitors to be more prominent in the marketplace.

There are many reasons for businesses to give prioritize mobile marketing in their operations.

1) Social Media Platform Adverts

Popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are highly effective online marketing platforms that promote the potential of mobile marketing. These platforms are prepared to attract targeted mobile customers effectively via mobile devices which allow mobile users to logon efficiently. A simple click of a button suffices to get the latest news on any business, product or service from anywhere at any time.

2) New and Wider Audience Base

More and more modern consumers are mobile users who are susceptible to mobile advertising. Businesses can reach out to these potential business leads easily with the right mobile applications that allow users to make an easy and convenient purchase.

3) Struggling Retailers

Many retailers are struggling to maintain high profit margins from poor returns as they are not quick to latch on to the latest technologies and marketing solutions available such as mobile technology. These retailers have had a myopic view of mobile marketing as an alternative marketing option, hence there is no budget set from them to move forward with these emerging technologies.

Despite the huge opportunities found in mobile technology and mobile marketing, retailers that fail to invest wisely in this will lead to their dwindling sales and profits.

4) Dynamic Online Growth

As the Internet infrastructure keeps improving with the rapid escalation of smartphone penetration, it would be noted that mobile devices would be the primary gateway consumers prefer to get online. Recent research reveals an increased percentage of online users accessing the Internet via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

5) Google Advice Retailers into Mobile Marketing

Many marketers are jumping onto the mobile advertising bandwagon with Google actively at the forefront of the Mobilegeddon pursuit which penalizes websites that do not comply with the platform’s call to mobile friendliness or mobile compatibility at their website.

This means that websites need to be made flexible for their users to browse and engage comfortably on mobile devices. If not, Google is likely to rank down the websites in their search engine ranking exercise. As these penalties becoming more stringent, companies cannot afford to ignore the requirements from internet giants such as Google for higher ranking and web traffic generation.

6) Personal Engagement

Good marketing comes through a personal engagement with targeted audiences which can be difficult with laptops and desktops. However, mobile devices are portable and more advanced and this proves to be an essential accessory for web users today.

A personalized form of marketing is possible today where marketers can get closer to their target customers and potential business leads. Higher engagements with your target market can lead to higher conversion rates and repeat customers. Mobile marketing is quickly gaining too much momentum for companies to ignore.

7) Repeated Engagements

It is easier to connect with potential business leads and customers who are carrying a mobile device than laptops or desktops. Marketers can reach their preferred customers quickly at anytime from anywhere, regardless of the location of the target audience.

Marketers are able to connect with their preferred customers easily via mobile devices which are constantly carried by most people these days. This could increase business opportunities which may otherwise be missed opportunities if you are targeting laptops or desktop users.

8) More and More Costly

Online advertising such as Facebook advertising draws more and more marketers to mobile marketing which not only reach a wider scope of audience but also at a lower cost. As inflation sets in the market, operation costs continue to grow with stiff competition. It is better for businesses to kick start mobile marketing now than later as the costs today are still reasonably low and affordable.

9) More Business Possibilities  

Mobile marketing opens the door to include dynamic technologies which could benefit the company. This includes virtual reality where mobile ads become more engaging and attractive. Relevant and dynamic apps would be developed especially for mobile devices that would bring in more business opportunities to different companies and industries.

This could lead to higher sales and profits if marketers and business owners stay alert to the business possibilities that could be generated via the use of mobile marketing.

10) Growing Influence and Impact

It is easy to see the growing influence and the impact of mobile marketing on the market as mobile advertising becomes more popular with the rise of online shopping. This spurs the development of sophisticated mobile devices and apps to attract a larger market.

Soon, the majority of business profits would be generated from mobile devices; and this number is likely to increase without a doubt.


Therefore, one should not ignore these reasons to choose mobile marketing. This is because the world is changing right before our very eyes. Those who are savvy will embrace this change to prosper while others will perish due to their ignorance to the power of technology.

10 reasons to choose mobile marketing for your small business

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